Guts On The Gridiron

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November 5

Space is Limited!

Do you have the GUTS?  We will all have chance to find out when you join us for Camp Eagle's Guts on the Gridiron flag football tournament!  Form your 6 - 8 person team (Middle School & High School - grades 6 - 12). This backyard adrenaline-pumping, got to get more, football tournament is for teens who have a heart for competition!

Because this is a team event, registration cannot be completed using the Camp Eagle Registration Portal. Please click Register Now to register your team for this event.

Real players play, not stare at a screen and move their thumbs! 

No digital wimps allowed!

Something is wrong if your thumbs have more muscles than your legs!


Guts on the Gridiron happens rain or shine.


- Maximum of 8 teams per division

- Cost per team is $88!  A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to register (balance of $38 will be due at check-in..

- Cost per walk-in team is $96 and are placed as space permits individual players may be added if space permits.

Equipment & Rules

On game day, you and your team can wear either shorts or long pants. All team members must wear the same color shirt. All shirts must be long enough to be tucked in.

Only non-metal cleats will be allowed.

There will be 3 divisions ~ Middle School Guys, High School Guys, & Co-Ed. Every team is guaranteed two games. Divisions will be consolidated if necessary.

Youth Pastors may play as a member of their team.

In preparation, please read the rules and complete a release form. A release form is required for each team member.  Each team member will be expected to know and follow all rules and regulations.

Each team member may want to bring extra money to purchase snacks and drinks at the Camp Eagle Snack Shop.

Sample Schedule

  • 8:30AM...........Check-In Begins

  • 9:15AM............Tournament Orientation & Devotional Speaker

  • 10AM..……….......Team Warm-ups

  • 10:15AM..........Games

  • 12:30PM..........Lunch

  • 1:15PM.............Games, Playoffs & Championship

  • 3:30PM............Team Awards

  • 4:30PM............Dismissal