Light 'Em Up Paintball Rally

April 14

This youth rally (ages 12-18) is a new spin on the classic paintball battle! Throw down during our extreme paintball tournament and see how it relates to the spiritual battle going on around all of us.

Here's what you need to know:

Check In: 8:15 - 8:45AM

Cost: $180 per team (Includes paintball marker, CO2, 200 paintballs per person, field fee, and briefings. Additional paint may be purchased onsite). **A non-refundable deposit of $25 per team is required to register.

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Food: Feel free to bring your lunch or buy concessions from the Camp Eagle Snack Shop.

Registration: We've made it easy, so please carefully follow these brief steps to ensure your team is ready on game day. Here's what you need to do in order to sign up for the paintball rally:

  1. Form your squadron of six soldiers. Your soldiers must be middle or high school students age 12-18. 
  2. Decide on a name for your squadron.
  3. Choose your Paintball Tournament Division - you have two choices:
    • Guys/Co-Ed Division - This will include squadrons made up of all guys or teams with guys and girls.
    • Girls Division - Teams consisting of only girls.
  4. Pick a squad captain. The captain will be the "go to" person for the officials.
  5. The captain will enter his/her team by completing a squadron signup form for the entire team and make a credit or debit card payment. The captain will collect fully completed and signed Participation Agreements (click to download) from each squadron member and mail them to PO Box 7010, Roanoke, VA 24019, postmarked at least three days prior to the rally or bring all completed forms to check-in the morning of the event. Please note that a squadron will be disqualified if all participation agreements are not completed by the beginning of game play. No players will play without the signed document.
  6. Make sure every soldier has completed their release form. A soldier CANNOT engage in the tournament without a release form.


  1. Throughout the day there will be interactive, informative, and exciting briefings regarding spiritual warfare taught by some of the best Youth Pastor Warriors of all time! 
  2. These 20 minute briefings will EQUIP you for the REAL BATTLE!
  3. These briefing will earn BIG points for your squadron.
  4. Each soldier will be required to attend at least three briefings.  You will be so pumped up that you will want to attend MORE!

Point System:

  1. Great prizes will be given to the squadron who has the most points at the end of the day!
  2. Briefings - 2000 points per soldier for the 3 required - any additional briefings - 200 additional points per soldier.
  3. Points will be accumulated in Paintball Battles:
    • Annihilation - 1500 points - Capturing all items and eliminating all opponents.
    • Capturing Items:
      • 3 Flags - 100 points each
      • Hostages - 1 per team - 200 points each
      • Intel - 1 per team - 200 points each
      • Eliminating Opponents - 200 points each


  1. Middle school and high school students only (ages 12-18).
  2. No individual paintball markers, paint, or equipment will be allowed. ONLY Camp Eagle equipment will be used to ensure fairness.
  3. Games will be "Capture the Flag" type battles.
  4. All players will be required to have a current release on file.
  5. Official Camp Eagle Paintball rules will be given at team orientation and are available above for your review.
  6. ALL players are required to be at team orientation. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.
  7. Tardiness to games will result in the forfeiture of that game.
  8. Tardiness to briefings will result in the forfeiture of that briefing's points.
  9. Players will be charged for any misuse of Camp Eagle equipment. Players agree to this policy by entering the tournament. Camp Eagle staff members reserve the right to determine misuse.