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Church Group Registration


Nativity Church Group Night

Friday, December 8

6pm - 8:45pm

We look forward to serving your church group during our Live Nativity Event. 

To register your group you will add this event to your "cart" below and enter an approximate arrival time of your group.  This is due to the popularity of the event, and your selection is not when your tour will begin. While the tour itself lasts approximately 45 minutes, please plan for your visit to last between 2 and 2 1/2 hours.

During your wait in the heated Celebration Station, you will enjoy live music, refreshments, crafts and Christmas festivities. 

Your group, depending on its size, may be combined with another group or split if your group is larger than 40 people.

Please NOTE:

Upon "checking out", please enter the primary contact person's email address.  The Nativity is a free gift to you.  In the "payment section",  PLEASE leave the credit card number and the expiration date field blank.  Please enter the name of the church in the name field and the church's physical address in the address field then select "purchase" to complete your request.   The primary contact person will receive an email confirming your selection. 

Please select the time your group will be arriving below. Please leave the number 1 in the quantity box.


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