Dear Prospective Camp Eagle Staff Member,

Thank you for considering Camp Eagle as a place to serve and grow in your Christian walk. There are many aspects of Camp Eagle that make our ministry a unique and challenging place to serve. Three of those are:

  1. Camp Eagle was established with a core value of training future servants. What that means for staff members is accountability towards spiritual growth, excellent, hands-on ministry training, and life-long relationships.  Our emphasis on staff growth means life-changing results with our campers.

  2. Ministry to all types of campers. Our campers come from many different back grounds because of the diversity of places we get campers. While we have church groups come to Camp Eagle, the majority of our campers come as individuals. Friends inviting friends. This means churched, unchurched, inner-city, Christian school, public school, home school, paying campers, scholarship campers, and multi-cultured campers.  Three weeks of the summer are designed for high-risk, inner-city campers through our scholarship fund. These are highly evangelistic weeks using a curriculum starting with creation where an average of 48% of those campers receives Christ as Lord and Savior.

  3. Another aspect is what we call “programming togetherness.” In other words, the whole staff is involved with the entire program. That means working as a team to do skits, leading in singing, games, activities, events, etc. Growing and working together brings bonds that last a lifetime!

These are just some of the aspects that make Camp Eagle a special place to grow and serve.


Are you the kind of person that seeks to honor Christ in all areas of life? Do you have a burden to minister to people? Do you desire to see young people receive Christ as Lord and Savior? Do you have a heart that wants to see Christians develop a Christ-honoring, Spirit-filled life? If so, Camp Eagle may be the place in which God wants you to serve this summer.

Be part of the few, the humble, the Camp Eagle Staff! If after careful consideration and prayer, should the Lord lead you to apply, we look forward to talking with you.